• Hi, I thought you may like to know a little about me ! if not just click on the next page !


  • My name is Roxanne , as a young girl I studied Classical ballet for many years, appearing in many performances on the Haymarket and Phoenix Theatres in my home city of Leicester,famous for its cultural diversity.

  • After a change in direction I went on to perform as a cabaret dancer, on the club circuit with my father in a double act.

  • During this time I gained my Equity card and subsequently appeared in over sixty T.V programmes.  There are also dozens of newspaper and magazine articles about me, but too many to mention here!

  • During my early teens I developed an interest in Middle Eastern dance, and became Britain's youngest professional Belly dancer at the age of 17.

  • Some years later I rescued a snake that was in a very poor state and when I had nursed him back to health I realised he had a lot of talent and he has been paying me back ever since by performing wonderful tricks with me in the show.

  • Shortly after this I was introduced to an illusionist with whom my father (without my knowledge!) had arranged for me to have fire -eating/body burning lessons (what a surprise that was!) So that too was added to the show !

  • Performing as Ayshe,

  • I have developed my international cabaret  style over the years, which incorporates steps from Arabic, Turkish, Egyptian and American cabaret.

  • My dancing is vibrant and inspirational !

  • Come and see for yourself !


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